Artisan Paperie Hand-painted iPhone Case

I have a thing with phone cases since I had my very first iPhone. I used to buy Cath Kidston and other cute designs and change it every two months. Then just last year when I visited my sister in Vancouver, I saw a plain transparent and black iPhone 6 case. I suddenly imagine painting on it or a DIY maybe. Although, I think that case wasn’t meant for a DIY but I bought two anyway. The funny thing was, I don’t have an iPhone 6 back then, haha.

This was my first attempt to paint or draw on it. I like it so much that before I went back home to Davao, I bought few more so I can experiment on it more.

Few months after, I did another one. This time it was a mixed media of patterned paper and washi tapes. So, I had two cases but still no iPhone 6, haha. (I already have one now, so yeah, I really enjoy using my own DIY cases).

Anyway, I went further on experimenting and tried painting on it this time. And I was so happy with the result. I love that there’s texture but not distracting on your hand.

So now, it’s already available in my shop and online. Unfortunately, this is for iPhone 6 only. I cannot find plain cases for other phone models. But if you have an old plain case, maybe I can paint on it too…

For now, there’s 2 botanicals you can choose from. Lavander and rose on white or transparent case. I’ll try to add few more but it’s hand-painted and the christmas rush is already starting so I’m not sure if they’ll be enough time for this.

This is really a nice gift too, especially if you’re into handmade. Maybe, I can customise it by adding a name. I don’t know yet, but we’ll see.


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