Identity: For a DJ

Branding, Design Projects

It’s been awhile I haven’t shared any of my design projects. Well, in general, I haven’t been blogging. So let me make it up by sharing one of the projects I had recently that I truly enjoyed. Earlier this year, I had a meeting with a friend who’s a DJ by night, hehe. He’s name is […]

October 23, 2014

Yellow Hauz: Packaging

Branding, Design Projects, Yellow Hauz

I did a little packaging change for Yellow Hauz this week. Since our printed plastic cups run out, I need to reinvent and DIY it. In the meantime, we’re using stickers for both cold and hot drinks. Apart from the packaging for the drinks, I also changed the design for our take-out bags. Before I used three […]

October 6, 2013

Sales Receipt Design

Artisan Paperie, Branding, Design Projects

I have this thing in customizing almost all of my office paper goods, specially receipts. Yup, OC is my middle name, lol. I used to be an Accounting graduate but I definitely hate numbers and computing. So I thought, a good looking receipts to compute at might change a whole lot of thing. Which is actually […]

July 23, 2012

Company Branding: Invoice and Receipt

Branding, Design Projects

One thing if you’re a graphic designer… you’re aware with all the designs that surrounds your company {or maybe that’s just me, haha}. Anyway, our coffeeshop {Yellow Hauz} needs another set of Official Receipt and I’m here to revamp our old and not so well thought design receipt. I wasn’t a graphic designer back then […]

November 7, 2011

DIY: Business Cards and Leaflets

Branding, Design Projects, DIY

Normally, it would take me a lot of procrastinating to finally make a new design for my businesses. In this case, our yearly participation in a bridal fair, encourages me to create something different from our previous designs. Thus, includes my business cards and leaftlets.  The thing is… I don’t know if you also feel […]

October 8, 2011